Staghelm Companions

The mission of the Companions is to be the eyes and ears of the realm (in the rural areas, not abroad or within city walls) and to organize the first lines of defense against incursion while sounding the alarm for the settlements (alert the Warden). Upon Mo’ag’s death the Stag Helm will go whoever the Marshal of Candlewatch deems worthy to lead the Companions.

Shya Morroth 5th level Ranger Warden, half-elf (Ranged)
Selected Feats: Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot
She has been serving at the Temple to Eastil and knows Mo’ag and Jhod well. She is a skilled hunter and wishes to broaden the influence of Erastil in the realm (not as religious fervor, but as the duty to protect, she’s not a missionary). Her younger brother is following in her footsteps. She is the glue that helps hold the group together as the more-charismatic right-hand of Mo’ag.
Ability Scores: Arcane NPC basic, +1 CHA

Garor Warbellow 1st level – Barbarian, human; Melee two-handed fighter
Formerly under the command of the Marshal – he emulated Surtur in his approach to combat by overwhelming opponents instead of defense. He takes his duties seriously and is drawn to Mo’ag, looking to replace his deceased mentor.
Feats: Cleave, Toughness
Ability Scores: Melee NPC basic

Lerel Morroth 1st level – Ranger, half-elf;
Recruited from Erastil Temple – Following his sister’s lead he wishes to build Erastil’s influence in the realm. At 2nd level he will chose two-weapon melee.
Feats: Dodge
Ability Scores: Ranged NPC basic

Whoathold 1st level – Ranger, human;
Farmer turned scout in wake of Owlbear attack – what he lacks in skill at arms he makes up in sheer will.
Feats: Iron Will, Skill Focus: Profession – Farmer
Ability Scores: Skill NPC basic

Rilz Moonsheaf 1st level – Druid, gnome
Recruited from Erastil Temple – he had been a scribe, but longs to move about especially in the woodlands. He wishes to engage with fey creatures, example: the Grig we met earlier. Mo’ag’s exploration of the realm appeals to his wanderlust.
Feats: Item Creation: Scrolls
Ability Scores: Divine NPC basic

Drack 1st level – Rogue, human
Transferred from Spymaster ring to scouts – he specialized in eavesdropping, but wishes to follow Mo’ag. He relies on observation and surveying without resorting to arms.
Feats: Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Skill Focus: Stealth
Ability Scores: Skill NPC basic

Staghelm Companions

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