Light: 100 or less
Medium: 101-200
Heavy: 201-300
Drag: 1,500
Cost 30gp, 45gp combat trained

Horse, Light (what you all have now)
Light: 228 or less
Medium: 229-459
Heavy: 460-690
Drag: 3,450
Cost: 75gp, 110gp combat trained

Horse, Heavy
Light: 399 or less
Medium: 400-798
Heavy: 799-1,200
Drag: 6,000
Cost: 200gp, 300gp combat trained

“Combat trained” – Horse can be ridden into combat without danger. Specifically as per “Handle Animal” skill, it means the horse knows these tricks: attack, come, defend, down, guard, and heel.
Saddlebags cost 4gp, weigh 8 lbs and hold up to 5 cubic ft. or 250 lb. of gear.
A Saddle Pack costs 5gp, weighs 15 pounds, and carries the mount’s full carrying capacity


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