The Stag Lord

Leader of the bandits in the greenbelt region


According to Sister, the Stag Lord is the overall leader of the bandits in the Greenbelt, and his leader Kressle reported into the Stag Lord. Known information:

  • His fort is on a lake more than a day’s travel to the south, and that fort is in better shape than Oleg’s Trading Post
  • He has three lieutenants, Auchs, Dovan, and Akiros either of which could probably take Kressle in a fight
  • The Stag Lord could probably take two and maybe all three of his lieutentants at the same time
  • “Our boss is a monster of a man. Calls himself the Stag Lord. He’s a deadeye with the bow, and I saw him crush a prisoner’s hand to mush in one fist. No one’s ever seen him without his bizarre stag helmet on—some of the other bandits think he ain’t got no face under it, but not me—I think that eerie helm is his face!”
  • “The Stag Lord is a bloody drunk. All that booze under the platform’s for him. He’s half of what he used to be, and ain’t never been right in the head. When I was at his fort he punched my horse for spittin’ in the yard. Personally, I wouldn’t care if he dropped dead tomorrow, but even drunk out of his mind he’s still got a fair amount of fight to him.”

The Stag Lord

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