RIP - Surtr Khazudgorum

A grim and unfriendly dwarf, Surtr sees enemies in every shadow and his paranoia has chased many a companion away save for his closest friends...of which he has only one.


Dwarf Fighter 1
(Favored Class: Fighter)
HP: 14
AC: 15
Melee +5 w/ greatsword (2d6 +6)
Ranged +1 w/ throwing axe (1d6 +4)
Feats: Furious Focus, Power Attack
Skills: Climb, Survival
Fort +5, Ref +0, Will +1
S 18 D 10 C 17 I 10 W 13 Ch 5 (yes, CHA is his dump stat :))


Surtr is a dark and brooding dwarf hunted and haunted by his past. A scion of the rich and powerful dwarven mining clan, Jotunar, in Brunderton, Surtr had set out as a youth to stake a claim to the gem mines in the Stolen Lands, desperate to distinguish himself amongst his great family. However, his only true skill lay in swordcraft, a skill he fine-tuned as a violent and perpetually bullied youth. His frequent brawls, not to mention his vocal preference for the sword over the axe, brought shame and dishonor upon his clan, pushing him both further away from his family and even more to prove himself.

Somewhere along the way, Surtr lost himself and his grand vision, and become little more than a brutish sellsword who fought to forget the burdens of his clan name. It was during one of his early mercenary campaigns that he came under the sway of a barbarian cult dedicated to the wargod, Gorum. Already a wayward soul with no sense of self, he was an easy target for the proselytizing warpriests of Gorum, who promised him glory in bloodshed. Thus did Surtr become a cleric of the Lord in Iron, and in so doing, he severed all ties to his old dwarven family, hoping to create a new name for himself through deeds in battle.

However, as he did the bidding of the barbarian warpriests of Gorum, he came to participate in ever more cruel acts of violence done for no other reason than greed, lust, and evil. He could never muster the throaty and ruthless howls for blood and flesh as fervently as his half-orc brothers-in-arms, and he soon became sick of what he had become and what his god stood for. His dwarvish upbringing reclaimed its hold on his spirit and he rebelled against the teachings of Gorum, becoming an apostate of the God of Battle and his church of wanton violence. As he renounced Gorum, the god stripped Surtr of his divine spellpower, and the young dwarf was suddenly bereft of all but his own innate fighting skill. He was branded a traitor and the followers of Gorum declared that they would hunt him down for his betrayal of their god. But luckily, his martial skills were enough to defeat his pursuers and he escaped from the encampment of the barbarian cult.

Surtr fled his one-time kin and ventured south to the borders of the Stolen Land, hoping to escape the barbarian cult of Gorum and the shame of his own evil past. Today, as his gaze takes in the Stolen Lands from his humble shed hidden in the foothills of the wilderness of Rostland, his mind has once again rekindled his quest to conquer the Stolen Lands. But this time, he does so not to impress his parents, but to escape the certainty of death awaiting him in Brevoy and perhaps even to find a power within the Stolen Lands to give him the strength to defeat the followers of Gorum who stalk him still.

Yet, as he mulls his next move, Surtr feels his destiny is no longer his own. For even though he has committed apostasy against Gorum, sometimes he finds that he can still summon minor divine magic. Is this the Lord in Iron’s way of mocking Surtr and proving that he owns the dwarf’s soul? Or has a new deity claimed his spirit in secret as an instrument against the God of Battle? Surtr refuses to contemplate either scenario fully, for he fervently hopes to control his own destiny. And to do so, he feels he must venture deep into the Stolen Lands to both redeem himself and claim the power to ward his relentless enemies.

RIP - Surtr Khazudgorum

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