Half-Elf Sorcerer of the Red Draconic bloodline


Mym is a Half-Elf Sorcerer of the Red Draconic bloodline. The base-born son of a Medvyen noble, who fell in love with an Elvish woman while on campaign in the Stolen Lands many years ago. His father promised to legitimize the child after his tour of duty, but mysteriously disappeared in battle and was never heard from again.

The Elvish woman was left on her own to raise the child, teaching him the sorcery that had been passed down in her family for generations. When she demanded that House Medvyen acknowledge her son, they rejected her for being of questionable heritage and a rumored sorceress who had bewitched her husband.

The only inheritance left to Mym was a signet ring from his father. On her deathbed, she had Mym promise that he would discover what happen to his father, and try to find proof of his claim to House Medvyen.


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