Mo'ag Eyehater

Half-orc ranger who values personal values over laws


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Ranger 9
HP 82
AC 22 (Flat: 18, Touch: 14)

Hero Points: 3 of 5

STR 17
DEX 16 (18)
CON 14
INT 11
WIS 13
CHA 10

Composite Long Bow +1, Str 2
Greataxe +1
Handaxe +1

Key Skills:
Climb +11
Intimidate +11
Knowledge: Geo +6
Knowledge: Nat +10
Perception +15
Stealth +21
Survival +13, +2 in Forest & Hills

Feats/Special Abilities:
Darkvision, 60-ft
Orc Blood, count as human & orc
Orc Ferocity (1/day as disabled when below 0 HP)
Weapon Familiarity: ‘orc’ weapons as Martial
Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: Simple & Martial
Wild Empathy
Ranger’s Focus 3, +4 hit +4 dam
Track, +half level Survival
Woodland Stride
Endurance, +4 some non-combat saves
Favored Terrain – Forest +2 skills
Terrain Bond – Forest, +2 bonuses
Power Attack,-2 hit +4 dam
Combat Style Feat, Archery
Rapid Shot, full attack -2 hit ea
Quick Draw
Deadly Aim -2 hit +4 dam
Manyshot, full attack extra arrow


Campaign Trait: Bandit

Mo’ag is the illegitimate son of a wealthy merchant who fathered a child with a convenient wench in a roadside inn. Deep in his cups, Sirinar of Kothar overlooked the wench’s especially toothy grin and orcish cast. As an illegitimate child Mo’ag was an outcast.

The Kothar clan is in slow decline as its wastrels outnumber the frugal kin. Despite his vices, Sirinar is the last successful businessman in the family. He longs to legitimize his family with noble holdings. He has not been able to broker a gainful marriage for his worthless sons. Mo’ag’s half-brothers are petty and continually invest in ill-conceived ventures. They know of their half-brother’s existence, but are unconcerned with the outcast.

Mo’ag’s mother saw her son’s birth as way to improve her lot in life, but when rebuffed by Sirinar she simply dumped the young whelp with her sister and disappeared. As an unwanted guest and a half-breed bastard, Mo’ag fell in with a rough crowd. His friends became his family. The peasants of his borderland village were oppressed by the local nobles and teetered on the brink of starvation. Mo’ag’s gang turned to banditry to survive, but exclusively preyed on the nobles. With some early successes they shared their gains with the peasantry, earning local hero status. They consistently outwitted the lackluster constabulary, sustaining a living hidden deep in the woods. The gang called themselves the Wolf Pack and was led by the evenhanded Wulfdan the Howler.

Mo’ag had the family he wanted and the respect of the peasants, but this was not to last. Someone within the band was not content and sought the power for himself. Wulf’s enforcer, Dovan, was always suspect in Mo’ag’s mind; he was a cruel man that delighted overmuch in torturing his victims. It was he who turned on the Wolf Pack. Wulf was lured into a trap of Dovan’s design and captured by the nobles. After Wulf’s execution, Dovan led the assault on the band’s camp and personally slew many of its members. Mo’ag escaped and hid in the woods during the slaughter – he has never forgiven himself for not dying with his surrogate family. As the only survivor he vowed to exact revenge upon Dovan.

With nowhere else to turn, Mo’ag sought out his father in one last attempt to find himself. He found his father gravely ill and surprisingly open to his son’s visit. Sirinar finally had a son he believed to be strong and purposeful. As possibly his last and first act of goodwill toward Mo’ag, Sirinar sponsored his son for the Stolen Lands exploration. It was a desperate act by a dying man.

Mo’ag headed to Restov to undertake the commission as the party’s guide. There he hopes restore some sense of purpose, beyond hunting and slaying Dovan.

Personality traits:

  • He dislikes nobles and their sense of entitlement – Mo’ag takes a man at his actions, not his bloodlines
  • He has a personal code of honor, but does not see law as the answer in all cases
  • He is closed to strangers until they earn his trust – although once given his trust he is faithful
  • Worships Erastil

Mo'ag Eyehater

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