Party Status (as of 11/15 Skype session)

In the Mites' Sycamore den

Session 2 – Current Party Status

N’san: HP 9/13 (bug bite!)
Mo’ag: HP 11/12, -4 arrows (Greataxe on ground in his space).
Mym: HP 7/8, -2 bolts, 2/4 1st lvl spells, 2/4 wand charges
Sir Holyoak: HP 9/9, 2/3 1st lvl spells, 2/3 channels
Surtr: HP 11/14

Bless active (2 rounds expended)

Current initiative:
Mym 20
Sir Hallow 19
Mites 8-18?
Mo’ag 7
N’san 5
Surtur 3



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