Post Combat Status

After fleeing encounter with Cyclops Magician

Post combat status Session 6/23/13


Full HP
-2 WIS (drained by Soul Eaters)
No spells used when interrupted while resting
Currently memorized spells: 1st – Abundant Ammo, Deadeye’s Arrow, Gravity Bow; 2nd – Cat’s Grace
Potions on hand: Cure Serious Wounds, Gaseous Form, x2 Hide from Animals, x3 Mage Armor, Neutralize Poison, x3 Resist Energy 10 (1 ea; acid, cold, electricity).
Wearing Ring of Free Movement (found in dungeon)
Wands (charges remaining): Cure Light Wounds (13), Residual Tracking (48).


Full HP
Arcane Pool: -2 (interrupted while resting, not gained next day)
Spells used before rest: Ablative Barrier, Intensified Shocking Grasp, Mirror Image, Vanish (not lost next day)
Wand of Shield (used 2 charges)

Sir Hallow:

Spells used after rest interruption: Blessing of Fervor


Spells used after rest interruption: Black Tentacles (x2), Haste



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