Mo’ag’s Journal

Investigating the Vanishing at Varnhold

Year: 4714 AR

Sarenith 29th – Varnhold Investigation Notes
  • It appears that Spriggans moved in after the townsfolk disappeared – there was no sign of struggle, meals and tasks were left half done. The fort was infested with Spriggans (a type of gnome).
  • The centaurs are implicated in the sacking of Varnhold, but evidence leads us to believe they are being framed for the crime.
  • Varhold Inn: A scholar named Erval Pendrod an expert in centaur lore was staying at the inn. We were aware that he was summoned to Varn by its Baron to study a curious jade bracelet found on the river bank; it is purportedly a centaur relic.
  • The gem cutter’s house was forced open and ransacked for treasure; undoubtedly the gems we found on the spriggans was taken from this establishment.
  • Inside the pillaged Tinker’s house we found a torn book written in Skald (northern folk). It appears to be the journal of Gundarson. In it he describes the Nomen centaurs as barbarians; his last entry is dated two and half weeks ago, details an unremarkable scouting report of Varnhold Pass.
  • We encounter a swarm of rats that have infested the grain barn.
  • The temple of Erastil is ransacked and the most recent grave marker is dated several weeks ago (Andrisha the Potter).
  • Before departing, we bury Freya’s dead companion/uncle Elbret.
Sarenith 30th – Search for the Nomen Centaurs

Exploring east from Varnhold we camp for the night in a ravine and are attacked by a bulette.

Sarenith 31st – Meet Centaurs

Heading eastward we encounter a party of centaur (all female). Freya manages to parlay with them using talk of peace and the wish to return their relic, the thundering bow, as talking points. They agree to take us to their leader.

  • At their camp we speak with their leader, Warpriestess Acora Silverfire, returning their bow.
  • She tells us that the spriggans stole it some time ago.
  • They have no peace with the Varnians – so we tell them that her tribe was framed for the disappearance at Varnhold, but that we believe their innocence and wish to establish peaceful relations with them.
  • We agree to communicate via animal messenger should they or us learn something the other would find meaningful.
  • The speak of a valley of the dead that is taboo to enter, they warn us not to enter without their permission.
  • In good faith, they agree to let us inspect their camp to ensure no Varnian prisoners are present. Also they agree that we may explore their lands, being mindful to steer clear of their ancestral burial mounts to the north west of their camp. Further, they warn us of an old and powerful Earth Chewer (bulette) they would be glad to be rid of to the north.
  • We send a note (via animal messenger) to Bear’s Rest for the Staghelm Companions (Mo’ag’s cohort of rangers that patrol Thronhold kingdom). The letter details instructions:
    * Request an official letter be sent to Jumandi of Restov telling them that Varnhold has been ransacked and its inhabitants are missing, but we have evidence that the Nomen centaurs are not the culprits.
    * Secondarily, the Staghelm Companions are to escort a cleric of Freya’s religion to Varnhold. There they are to provide proper burial for Freya’s uncle and to remove any false evidence that the centaurs attack. Also they are to dispense of the spriggans and secure the fort until we return to Varnhold. Expect this could take a week or more for our return.
Erastus 1st – Exploring the Dunsward
  • Striking north we encounter the huge bulette and it is dispatched by Freya.
  • That same day we spy a crow that has been following us for many days. It is presumed to be watching us and communicating with whoever is behind the vanishing.
  • We try unsuccessfully to capture it.
Erastus 2nd – Exploring the Dunsward
  • Exploring further north we make camp is a place we determine to make it easier to capture the crow. It does not return.
  • That night a planar creature attacks Mym in his sleep nearly slaying him before N’san and Mo’ag arrive to the rescue. He is comatose. From the description of the creature Duke Hallow determines it is a Soul Drinker or somesuch that is summoned to this plane as an assassin.
  • We expect that our enemy is now taking action against us.



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