A week in the wilderness

Exploration of the Greenbelt expands the heroes' experience

Dearest Mother,
I feel that our group has finally really come together, having faced some truly frightening circumstances. Little did I know that as we rested at Oleg’s trading post from our first forays into the Greenbelt wilderness, even more strange and deadly dangers awaited.

We returned via a roundabout route that took us past the hermit Bocken, a strange character who nonetheless provided a useful assortment of potions that we were to find use of in our later adventures. His hatred of his brother, yet a strange lack of details on looks and wherabouts, is a mystery that we will likely find out more of in future. He also requested a batch of Fang Berries, a fruit that I am unfamiliar with. I will endeavor to provide a sketch of the flora once we locate it!

With that we returned to Oleg’s Trading Post. After receiving our equipment orders and the reward for defeating the northern bandit camp, we said goodbye to Pastor and Sister, in what I hope to be a new dawn for their benighted lives. Please do ensure they are found employment in the family estates as I would hate to besmirch our family honor with empty promises.

It was with relief that the guard dispatched from the north arrived, though the Capitan Kestin Garris of the scandalous Garrises struck me as a lazy, cowardly sort. My estimation of his character sunk even lower when he asked us to find a certain Falrum Sneeg, an ex-employee of his who had stolen their payroll gold! He is likely to be found with the remaining bandits of the Stag Lord, whose stronghold we have yet to locate.

12th Map Forest (C5)
We were lost the entirety of this day. How embarrassing!

13th Map Forest (C5)
After a half day of wondering, we finally found our bearings and found the Moon Radish patch.
There, we encountered a small force of Kobolds, strange small dog-reptile men. I’ve enclosed a sketch from one we killed before our parley was effective. The Mood Radishes are a delicacy for the creatures, but we had a request for a bushel of them from Oleg’s wife, and were able to both set up a peaceful meeting with the Kobold leader, and defuse the radish situation in one stroke. I do love it when a plan comes together!




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